Computer Science and Psychology Student from Saudi Arabia



"I was stuggling so much with just about everything.


I felt trapped in a cycle of depression and spiralling negative thoughts. 


The depression tipped my life upside down.


I was at an all time low point in my life and nothing was helping. 


I'd tried different therapies and medications which left me feeling numb and hopeless.


I felt lost and like life was over, I genuinely felt like there was no point being here"


Renad described how she was feeling when we first met as "a dark place, waking up to a gloomy day and feeling sad, it was hopeless."


Renad Almotairi - Success Story



"I wanted help out of a black hole.I needed to get out of this depression and find motivation again.


My focus was on improving my day-to-day life so I could function. I wanted to be able to study, manage the way I felt and enjoy my life.


I was hoping to get a clear vision of my next steps - I got so much more than that."







"Having tried therapy and medications before and them not working for me, I'd lowered my expectations for coaching. 


I just wanted to feel OK again.


But I learned to feel more than OK - I gained hope. 


I realised I'm responsible for my thoughts and what I was experiencing. 


I was playing victim to my emotions and thoughts and didnt even know it.


Learned to let go of thoughts and emotions was a big shift for me. 


I started to gain control of my life.


By observing my thoughts and the narrative I had - I was able to be responsbile for them


Releasing emotions, past experiences and thoughts freed me from how I was feeling. 


I was nervous about this at the start but I'd done so much work on myself that I was so ready to let go of emotions. 


It's almost like it was happening subconsiously, it was easy and smooth.


I changed my beleifs, which were holding me back from achieving what I wanted. 


I beleived I wasn't good enough for anything, that I wasn't outgoing and that I couldnt be consistent.


Now I dont feel like theres anything setting me back. I no longer identify with how I used to be. 

I s

The whole journey was so well planned, I could see my process and it really made sense to me."


"I've become a better version of myself.


Nothing in my envirnoment has changed - I changed.


And that's all I needed, I appreacte life now. 


I see things in different ways. 


My relationships have improved and the overall quality of my life is so much better.


I'm so much more confident and even describe myself as happy.


I rediscovered myself and know who I am.


I've learned to let go of my negative thoughts, i've gained so much confidence that I can handle anything and most importantly - 


I have hope for the future. 


I never beleived i'd be a sucess story and be able to transform my life but i'm so proud to be here today.


I'm living out my version of perfection and acheiving everything i set my mind to."


Success Story - Renad Almotairi


I was stuck in a cycle of depression and spiralling negative thoughts but now i'm feeling truly empowered and excited for the future.


Global Causes Renad Supports:


Good Health and Well-being - Global Goal 3
Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions - Global Goal 16


Are you stuck in an exhausting cycle of depression and spiralling negative thoughts?


If you'd like to leave it all behind and feel empowered and


excited for the future,



Let's hop on a call and look at what you’re doing now, what’s working and what’s not.
Plus we'll give recommendations for next steps so you are confident on how to move forwards, whether we choose to work together or not.